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Since there are not many in Venice, most young people tend to come out of Mestre, where there is more space and noise restrictions are less, or the student city of Padua. But if he wants to stay in Venice and dance all night, the best option is Disco Club Piccolo Mondo, Calle Contarini-Corfu, Dorsoduo, where you can enjoy music house paying the entry of 8 €. Another site is Casanova Disco Club, Lista di Spagna, Cannaregio, a popular local lovers of Latin rhythms, which is very near the train station in Venice. Admission is € 11 and includes a free drink. It also has Internet access.


Harry's Bar, Calle Vallaresso in the east of Piazza San Marco, where you can taste the legendary Bellini- a cocktail of prosecco, peach juice and grenadine. Prices are a bit excessive, to be prepared to pay € 54 for a simple sandwich and 16 € for a Bellini. No visit to Venice complete if not try one of these drinks with prosecco. The bar belongs to the Cipriani family and there have been the rich and famous in Hollywood. The two old ladies from Piazza San Marco, Florian and Quadri, € 4.50 per person charge for the privilege of taking a drink or meal at any of them. It may seem a bit excessive if you want to take is a cup of coffee, but worth it if you consider that the price is including live classical music and the spectacular panorama of one of the world's most famous squares. Campo Santa Margherita has become in recent years in the fashionable place to which young people go. The place is full of cafes and trendy bars and has a very grunge. Margaret Duchamp is one of the most animated of the Field, with tables al fresco and a modern interior. On the other hand, imagine Caffe, is the favorite artists' guild. La Taverna Da Baffo, Campo San Agostin, has again become one of the most popular sites in Venice. One advantage is that it still is not advertised in any travel guide, with which the site is free of tourists. The tables were set out at 00.00 and try to leave the table when asked for if there is no risk that you throw a bucket of cold water from the upstairs. Osteria alla Postalia, Fondamenta Rio Marin 821, led by Veneto a former pilot, is the perfect place to relax along the canal, watching the gondolas go by, while sipping a glass of Campari. Vitae, St. Anthony Street, is located near Rialto and is so hidden that few tourists ever find him again. Intimate and stylish, this bar attracts a community of "yuppies" Venetian.

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